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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Terra Naturals

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:10 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Terra Naturals deodorantsLucky Vitamin presents Terra Naturals products, a complete line of natural deodorants now available at our lowest prices.

Terra Naturals is a privately held US company specializing in petroleum free body care products, giving new meaning to the loosely referred term “natural”.

All formulas are free of ethoxylated ingredients such as polysorbate 20, synthetic preservative systems, and synthetic colors; of course, products are not tested on animals.

The company sources natural ingredients from around the globe and control the process as much as possible, from raw material.

The results: a unique line of deodorants using formulated natural fragrances using compounds obtained from plants, without altering their chemical structure, such as essential oils, oleoresins, distillates, fractions, concretes, etc.

Some of Terra Naturals exotic fragrances include bamboo, gogi-açaí, sweet mint and green tea.

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    It’s posts like this that make me appreciate blogs so much. Your feed has a new subscriber! 😉

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