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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Theo Chocolate

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Chocolate lovers have one more reason to visit Lucky Vitamin. We are happy to announce the introduction of Theo Chocolate products to our customers.

Theo produces premium organic and fair trade specialty chocolate, using only pure ingredients which are grown sustainably. Theo sources ingredients locally whenever possible and the results translate into a top quality line of delicious chocolates. The company controls every step of the manufacturing process, using green energy sources to provide power to manufacturing facilities and using sustainable packaging and printing methods.

Theo Chocolate is considered the first and only organic and fair trade chocolate factory in the United States. Theo founder, Joseph Whinney, pioneered the supply of organic cocoa beans into the United States in 1994. Prior to Theo’s, all organic chocolate was manufactured in Europe and imported into the US market.

All of Theo ingredients are carefully screened to ensure they meet standards for social and environmental responsibility. The deliciously award-winning Theo Chocolate offers an unwavering commitment to changing the way the cocoa industry conducts business.

Theo provides a passion for excellence to bring you chocolate that will delight your palate, ignite your imagination and inspire you to think and act sustainably. Lucky Vitamin is now offering the best chocolates from Theo at our discounted prices.

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