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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Trillium Organics

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is introducing another top quality brand of personal care products: Trillium Organics.

Trillium Organics believe that the process is the most influential contribution to the therapeutic value of any natural substance. The company works exclusively with the best quality, certified organic cold pressed oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and certified organic botanicals.

Trillium Organics empowers people to care for their skin and body with organic ingredients without synthetics and petrochemicals. Each new formulation goes through rigorous person to person product testing to ensure all products emerge with innovative formulas that are green, healthy and effective.

Trillium Herbal Company and Trillium Organics have been on the leading edge of the organic skin care revolution since 1994. The company’s organic certification is your assurance that a third party has carefully audited all processes and procedures and they affirm that all ingredients used are indeed organic. Trillium makes sure that each of the ingredients used are sourced from suppliers who do not test on animals, and have enlightened human rights policies. Each of these certifications are earned and awarded, not just purchased.

Lucky Vitamin is happy to offer Trillium Organics products at our discounted prices.

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