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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Zevia

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Zevia productsLucky Vitamin is happy to announce the introduction of Zevia products to our site, now available at our lowest prices.

Zevia is the first all natural zero calorie soda. With only pure ingredients and sweetened with stevia, Zevia contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes, artificial flavors or artificial colors found in other diet sodas.

This unique stevia soda, Zevia is all-natural, has zero calories, zero net carbs, zero fat, and little or no sodium (depending on flavor). It’s available in six delicious varieties: natural cola, orange, twist, root beer, black cherry and ginger ale. All flavors are available at Lucky Vitamin.

Zevia uses stevia, an herb native to South and Central America used for centuries to sweeten food. Stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and has no effect on blood sugar levels.

Zevia is the world’s first all natural zero calorie soda. It’s healthier and taste better than regular diet soda. If you cannot stop drinking sodas, switch to a product that is good for your health. Zevia is your best choice.

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3 Responses to “Lucky Vitamin Presents: Zevia”

  1. troy says:

    Great to see you doing more stevia products. What will it take to get some Doctor Grandma’s products including their sweetener, Delight, on here too? I’ve had Zevia at a trade show…Natural Products West or NASFT show. GOOOOD Stuff!

  2. Jesse Regan says:

    Great, is this also good for those who do strenuous exercises? Just want to know cause I think I want to change the usual health drink I have.

  3. Margaret says:

    We’re excited for the interest in Zevia natural diet soda!
    Zevia was created by a triathlete, marathoner and mountain climber so they could have a healthy diet soda to compliment their athletic lives.
    Chill and Enjoy!
    Margaret at zevia dot com

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