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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Zorbitz

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 9:34 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
ZorbitzLucky Vitamin continues to increase the variety of products available for our customers.

Lucky’s goal is to offer much more than vitamins and supplements. Lucky Vitamin wants to provide every product to make your life better. That is one of the reasons we have recently added Zorbitz products to our site.

Zorbits brings some of the Earth’s finest gems and woods to create jewelry empowered with healing qualities needed in your everyday life.

You can find an incredible selection of crystals, charms, friendship bracelets, necklaces and gift ideas. All products use some of Earth’s finest gems and woods from around the world.

Zorbitz designs meaningful jewelry including Black Star Bracelets where every bracelet comes with a song, bracelets made from a 3000 year old powerful secret, DZI “Zee” beads, miracle charms, friendship bracelets, beaded necklaces, karmalogy beads, nirvana crystals, pink united jewelry (benefitting women with breast cancer), acai bracelets and necklaces (benefitting Brazilian women), and coffee bean bracelets (benefitting women of Costa Rica).

In addition, the company donates a percentage of every sale to charity.

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  1. Caralluma says:

    Has anyone had any type of success with these types of weight loss products? I see them advertised everywhere and just wondered if they really work or not before I commit.

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