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McDonald’s, If Only It Was the Thought That Counts

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 9:37 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
McDonald’s FriesThe change to the McDonald’s menu began in 2003. Salads were added; fruit was made available. Eventually, wraps joined the healthy alternative list. The company began promoting exercise and healthy living, and they eliminated the “Supersize” option (of course this followed Super Size Me, a less than complimentary movie). They kept trying to make their fast food chain one that wasn’t going to kill you, or one that would at least give you the chance to leave an artery or two open. And for that, they got points, until this summer when they introduced the Hugo. A 42-ounce beverage with only limited availability, the drink added 410 calories to any meal for, in some locations, a mere 89 cents. There’s nothing like aiding obesity at a discount rate.  But, could you really blame them? The company competes with Burger King and Wendy’s, two organizations that haven’t done nearly as much to combat obesity. The Hugo could have been just one misstep. But then, McDonald’s tripped again.

For three weeks in Tokyo, McDonald’s will be offering its patrons a half-price Big Mac in exchange for a pledge to fight global warming.  The idea behind this is wonderful. Raising awareness about how we are changing the environment is important. We do need to pay more attention to what we are doing to the Earth. But, why – why is it necessary to offer a half-price, foil-wrapped heart attack in exchange for global warming awareness? Is there not some way to decrease C02 emissions without increasing fat admission? What would be the point of saving the world, if we’re all going to suffer from obesity-linked illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, immediately afterwards? Besides, how effective do you honestly think this promotion will be? Patrons only have to sign a pledge, download a document and check off some boxes. I’ll do that for a discount. It doesn’t mean I’ve read the document or will follow the pledge with action. It means I want my sale.

There are better ways to raise awareness. This promotion is a well-meaning, certainly enticing fumble. But, I don’t want to shoot down McDonald’s entirely, and I’m certainly not suggesting they stop trying. McDonald’s should keep making changes. But, let’s save the world without sacrificing our bodies. There are better ways to be eco-conscious. A healthy Earth and a healthy you – that should be the goal.

2 Responses to “McDonald’s, If Only It Was the Thought That Counts”

  1. Leonidas says:

    Ronald McDonald is the devil in makeup and big shoes.

  2. Ashley says:

    So basically…people just want a half price burger…sure they sign the pledge…but you know 99% of the people buying that 1/2 price burger are going to get in their cars and drive home….and never think about global warming again…or at least until the next time they drive their high-emission car through the drive through….b/c heaven forbid we should have to acutally WALK into the store…

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