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Movie Preview: Raw for 30 Days

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 1:31 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
20.8 million Americans have diabetes. At least one-third of them are unaware of their condition. As a result, they are making decisions daily that are worsening the disease rather than combating it. And unfortunately, many of those who know they have diabetes are making the same choices. They are opting for poor nutrition, little or no exercise and limited weight control. They are placing all of their faith in the medical treatments, which work and help improve the quality of life. But, the treatments can only do so much when faced with a mountain of roadblocks. The proper combination of lifestyle and medication is needed to manage diabetes. The makers of Raw for 30 Days hope to make the importance of a healthy lifestyle clear, when they release their documentary in the spring of 2008.

Raw for 30 Days takes its cue from Super Size Me, a documentary in which Morgan Spurlock consumed nothing but McDonald’s food and stopped exercising for one month. However, this documentary does the reverse. Six individuals, all with diabetes, were taken to live at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center for 30 days. During that time they were taken off of their fast-food diets and forced to eat only vegan, organic, live, raw foods. All of their vices, including caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, as well as their customary comforts were removed from their lives, and their diabetes was monitored. The film watches them struggle and thrive as they grow accustomed to their new lifestyle and teach their bodies to naturally fight diabetes. It will be released this coming spring, but for now check out the trailer and learn more about the documentary at

This month is American Diabetes Month. Learn more about it and what you can do to prevent/manage the condition at the American Diabetes Association’s Web site. �

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