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ProEndorphin Gets a Yum-O from Rachael Ray

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Supplements at 1:08 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
ProEndorphinRachael Ray – she’s one of the most well-known talk-show hosts around, offering us 30-minute meals, twists on traditional recipes and hours of television entertainment.  She’s become famous for her classic “yum-o”, love of EVOO and never-ending energy. She’s the Oprah of the cooking world and the darling of the daytime lineup, so when she endorses a product, the masses scramble for it. And that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday when Rachael Ray and nutritionist Christine Bybee sat down to discuss the best health products available and named ProEndorphin a winner.

Created by Nutraceutics, ProEndorphin is an energy enhancer, designed to keep you moving without jolting you into frenzied jitters when it hits or dropping you into an unimaginable low as it fades.  It’s made with all-natural caffeine from the Kola nut and contains a powerful combination of ginseng, the vitamin B family, DMAE and other nutrients.  You can take it before your workout to power you through or after your workout to keep the energy alive. Either way, it will be a tangy glass of pep, so much so that you may find yourself more energized than the ever-perky Rachael Ray. And that’s saying something

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