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The Next Step for Google

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 3:59 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Google AdGoogle – it’s the starting point for all things internet. With one click of the button and a few aptly chosen search words, you are presented with a seemingly endless list of possibilities. You can search the Web, limit yourself to the news, peruse videos, scan photos or go shopping. You can get directions from anywhere to anywhere, provided it’s drivable, and, best of all, you can check your e-mail or chat online with friends. There is no perceivable end to what Google offers you, and as if to prove that, they are adding yet another feature: online medical records.

In a few months, you will be able to store and access all of your medical records online. They’ll be accessible, via a password-protected site, anywhere you can hook up to the internet. There will be a directory allowing you to import doctor’s records, prescription information, drug history, and test results. You’ll be able to schedule appointments and refill medications with the click of a mouse.

If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t be. Google is working to ensure that by the time the feature is ready to go, there will be little to no fear of hackers or unintentionally leaked information. Despite the power of Google, it still has to obey the law and so no privileged information will be made public.

What this means, then, is that you won’t have to spend hours deciphering your doctor’s chicken scratch. You won’t have to wait impatiently on hold every time you need to schedule a routine checkup. And you won’t have any reason to be uninformed when it comes to your health, because everything you’ll need will be at your fingertips.

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