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“Tweet, Tweet!” is LIVE on Twitter! Let the “social” fun begin…

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 10:16 am | By: Sam Wolf, Founder & Chief Wellness Spreader

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Ken Blanchard once described life as a game of Monopoly – no matter how many properties we buy, or how many houses we build; at the end of the game “it all goes back in the box.” All we have ultimately are the relationships that we nurtured, the lives that we impacted, and the ones that have touched us. All we have are the experiences that we have shared. When two people meet, a third world is created. And with today’s technology, that world can grow exponentially. Enter Twitter!

What is Twitter? For those of you that are not familiar with the social media micro-blogging phenomenon that is: ’Twitter’. Simply put: Twitter, enables you to send a message no longer then 140 characters that answers the question: “What are you doing now?” and everyone who chooses to follow that persons, group or companies message is instantly updated. That’s really all there is to it!

So, what do and Twitter have to do with one another? Just as we do with this blog and millions of other individuals, companies, organizations, clubs, groups, friends and families around the world do every day on, we plan to let you know exactly what is we’re doing! Whether it be a simple “tweet” about our day, future thoughts and intentions, new items we really like, new content we’re offering, special sales and savings, promotions and contests, exciting offers and opportunities, announcements about innovative products, fascinating and  relevant health related news and studies, products we know you’ll love, fun new features on our website or any other event that sparks us to ‘tweet’ we’re going to post in on Twitter for our customers and the world to hear, know, learn, enjoy and save.

You can find on Twitter at As an extra incentive to start following LuckyVitamin (as if being our “twitter follower” is not enough?), we will be posting special Twitter discount promotions and Twitter response based contests to win exciting prizes from in the coming weeks that will be available to our twitter followers only. If you don’t yet have a Twitter account, you can sign up in less than 60 seconds here: Join Twitter.

We are really excited about our participation with Twitter and the social media landscape as a whole. You can also find on other social networks you might already belong to as well, including: Facebook, become our fan! As always, watch out for more exciting announcements and news on this blog, and now, on Twitter too!

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  1. Mariette Schuett says:

    Twitter gave me a HUGE boost in the Google rankings

  2. Pat Atha says:

    surprising information thanx

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