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Week Of 10/14 Recap

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 10:04 am | By: Veronica Brite, Editor
Proper nutrition takes the center stage this week as we talk about the different benefits of eating right and getting enough vitamins and minerals in our diet. Here are our covered topics:

  • According to a Reuters report, the sperm quality of middle-aged men can be significantly improved by just eating a healthy diet – and yes, that means your vegetables, too.
  • Matt McMillens article talks about the link between getting enough sources of vitamin D during pregnancy and the development of the baby’s brain inside the womb.
  • In Kerry Grens’  article for theHuffington Post, we learn how B-vitamins can possibly be the solution in having better short-term and long-term memory.
  • David Lius article recounts the findings of studies, which suggest that taking high doses of vitamin D3 can be beneficial in treating low-risk prostate cancer.
  • We often hear about how antioxidants are good for our bodies. Find out their action against free radicals – and how this helps us maintain good cellular nutrition andhealth.
  • We talk more about the effects of aging with men, and how some simple diet modifications can help get them back on track. Read more on “Sperm and Broccoli.”


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