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Week Of 10/7 Recap

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 10:34 am | By: Veronica Brite, Editor
This week we venture out to discover how dietary supplements can benefit different groups of people in different ways. Here are our featured topics in store for you:

  • Justin Williamson discusses the reason why taking multivitamins is good for you. He also talks about the two groups of multivitamins and which one is right for you. Read more from his post.
  • Beth Morrisey’s article explores the importance of proper nourishment and care for both women and their babies during pregnancy.
  • In Sandra Harrison’s article, we learn how asthma attacks can be kept at minimum by having a healthy diet and getting enough vitamins and nutrients daily.
  • Mo Costandi writes in his report for The Guardian how dietary supplements steal the spotlight in the studies being conducted for the cure of autism.
  • David Liu’s article explores the possibility of using dietary supplements to treat patients with high bad cholesterol levels, particularly those without prior history of heart disease. Will these kick out Statins as the standard drug for treatment?

We delve deeper into the case of pregnant women and the urgency of proper nutrition, support and health care. Read how dietary supplements play a key role in the lives of expectant mothers and their babies in our commentary, “NutritionforTwo, Please.”

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