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Week of 9/9/12 LuckyBlog Recap

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 10:34 am | By: Jacob Grail, Contributing Editor
In this week’s discussion, we have covered the following topics:

  • Every person has an opinion about dietary supplements, but it is always better to hear what the experts say about the subject. NBC News – Today Health shares what Dr. Andrew Weil has to say about the topic in this article.
  • Dietary supplements are everywhere these days. How do you know if you need to take supplementary vitamins and minerals? Marcelle Pick, answers the question on who needs to take dietary supplements and for what reasons.
  • There are a lot of vitamins and minerals. One of these that a person cannot do without is vitamin B2, because of its various benefits on different body systems. does a good job in discussing the benefits of vitamin B2.
  • Another vitamin that is of importance is vitamin A. Medline Plus discusses the numerous advantages of vitamin A to the human body.
  • Vitamin E is probably the most commercialized vitamin, mainly because it is an active ingredient in a lot of beauty products and skin care products today. This video from discusses just how vitamin E works in helping to maintain healthy skin.
  • Finally, we wrap up this week’s roundup on dietary supplements by discussing the benefits vitamins offer to one’s health. Comments on specific people groups who can benefit from taking dietary supplements are also given. For more information, read about the benefits of taking vitamin supplements.

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