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Back to School, Back to Eating Well

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health at 10:36 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Back to SchoolKids are going back to school across the country. Recent studies showed alarming numbers of child obesity in the United States and “school lunch” could be one of the reasons kids are getting fat.

Parents may try their best providing kids with a healthy lunch. Fruits, nuts, healthy snacks and nutritional sandwiches are ideal foods to maintain kids eating healthy.

However, vending machines are parents’ biggest nightmare, offering candies, chocolate bars, bags of chips and all the unhealthy food kids should not be eating. Nobody is saying that kids should eat 100% healthy. Yes, they can eat some sweets and candy every once in a while.

The problem is the very high daily intake of unhealthy food, as kids tend to eat burgers, hot dogs, french fries and several other high caloric types of food. Most parents wonder, what can be done to stop this unhealthy process?

Talking to your kids should be the first step, explaining how to stay healthy and avoiding weight gain for example. It’s also important to inform your kids about food, pointing out which types of food are important, mentioning the benefits of eating fruits or how natural juices and water are better than sodas, etc.

We go to school to learn and prepare ourselves for adult life. Nutrition should be another important “class” for kids, and eating well should be part of school life.

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2 Responses to “Back to School, Back to Eating Well”

  1. Vladiator says:

    That’s great that kids are going back to school, but you must remember that you are responsible for your kid’s health and life. Stay away from vaccines. Make sure that you and your children eat healthy, like organic fruits and vegetables, raw honey, and try replacing all of your fats and cooking oils with the Organic Unrefined Coconut oil.

  2. jamie says:

    hey excellent post, really enjoyed it. I’ve added your blog to my netvibes account – will be keeping up with your posts!

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