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The Secret to Success Is Diet

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health at 5:01 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Contributing Columnist
ToddlerTimmy and Tommy were born two weeks apart. They grew up next door to each other, attending the same schools and even going to college together, where they both majored in business. Today, Timmy works in a cushy job on Wall Street, bringing in a handsome, six-figure salary. Tommy works in a similar field, but his accomplishments are not quite as pronounced and his paycheck is missing a few zeros. What caused the discrepancy between Timmy and Tommy’s success when they were essentially raised together, with the same privileges and opportunities? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a myriad of answers. But if you ask a nutritionist, you’ll only get one, and it will revolve around their diets . . . as toddlers.

The years between the ages of one and three are seen as nutrition’s golden window, the time when what goes into the belly is most important and impacting. It aids in physical growth, mental development and according to a recent study, future economic status.  A study of nearly 1,500 people, in which two Guatemalan villages received a protein, calorie and nutrient rich porridge while two received a placebo, found that men who had eaten the healthier porridge before the age of three earned 46 percent more per hour than those who had not. If they had not gotten it until after the age of three, there was no difference. Researchers attribute this to improved cognitive ability as well as (although not as significantly) a stronger and heartier physique.

What you feed your child before his third birthday may not mean the difference between raising a wealthy wage-earner rather than a scrounging worker, but it may mean that he has a better shot at achieving everything he is meant for. Make sure that the foods he eats are nutritious and contain all of the vitamins and minerals necessary to healthy growth. Make sure there is enough iron and calcium in his diet.  Offer a plethora of fruits and vegetables every day. Promote milk, whole grains, water and lean protein rather than junk, fast food and sugary drinks. And even though he is young and seemingly uncomprehending, begin teaching him the ins and outs of nutrition by demonstrating through your own habits what a balanced diet is.

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