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The Upside of a Starlet’s Slip

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health,Exercise and Fitness at 5:06 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Jamie Lynn SpearsIf you’re a parent, Hollywood’s youngest heroines and their recent announcements, true or otherwise, are probably causing you a great deal of distress. How are you supposed to keep your child from having sex when her idols are pregnant? Jamie Lynn Spears and Miley Cyrus are two of the most well known faces on Nickelodeon and Disney, respectively, and now, their sexual experiences are being broadcast across the nation. Is there any hope of keeping your daughter from following in their footsteps?

Yes, but only if you’re willing to speak. You can use Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy and Miley’s baby-scare to start the conversation you’ve been too nervous to have.  But make sure that you have more to work with than “So, Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.” Make sure that you have a plan.

To create one, take the following tips and work from there. You’ll formulate an in depth talk that is well worth having:

• Know Yourself – if you have no idea what your opinions about teenage sex are, your teen won’t either. Think through your own beliefs, past experiences and attitudes.
• Don’t Hesitate  –teens are having sex earlier and earlier. The longer you wait, the less influence you’ll have. You want to broach the subject before the first time. If you do, you may delay the inevitable or at least make it safer.
• Use Movies and Television – if Jamie Lynn isn’t a good starting point, look elsewhere. The media is full of references that you can use as ways to relate to your teen and catch her interest.
• Listen – you have your opinions; she has hers. If you brush over them, she’ll never take you seriously. Respect your child; listen to her and work together to determine how to keep her safe and happy.

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