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5-Step Minimalist Makeup Routine

Filed Under: Beauty,Personal Care at 10:02 am | By: Shelby MacIlvain

Need a minimal, quick, out-the-door makeup look? I’ve got just the routine for you.

All of these products are either from a cruelty-free makeup brand or 100 percent vegan. This routine is really simple and easy to do and will have you looking great in no time. I love doing a routine like this for work or weekend errands to get that “no-makeup makeup look.” Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Primer

I always start any makeup look by priming my face. For this look, we’re using Emani Perfect 10 Primer Serum. This 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free primer will prepare your skin for makeup, absorb excess oils in your T-zone, and help minimize pores, all while moisturizing your face!

I love this primer because it creates a great base for makeup and helps it last all day. Like, I’m talking I fell asleep with my makeup on and it hadn’t moved when I woke up the next morning! (I also do NOT recommend doing this! Whoops.) To apply, massage one to two pumps on your face with your hands.

Step 2: Concealer

Next, you’re going to apply Zuzu Luxe concealer. This will help with any dark circles or imperfections on your face. To blend the concealer in, gently bounce your Eco Tools mini concealer sponge along your skin.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here about these sponges: wet them! It makes for the easiest application ever, because it helps spread the product evenly on your face, quickly. It also absorbs a smaller amount of product, which is great for your wallet!

You can also apply a bit of concealer between your eyebrows, on your chin and on the bridge of your nose to brighten up your face a bit.

Step 3: Blush

After that, you’re going to apply some Zao makeup blush. This blush is wonderful! I love that you are very in control with it, meaning it’s very buildable. You can go really subtle for work or build it up for a night out.

Every cosmetology book under the sun will tell you to smile to find the “apple of your cheeks,” and this is where you apply blush. Not me! I like to start there and drag my Zao blush brush up and back for a more natural, diffused look. Brush in circular motions also so you don’t get a line of color across your cheek.

Step 4: Mascara

Next, go in with some mascara to give your eyes a more “woken up, alert” look. theBalm’s Mad Lash is a great cruelty-free mascara (and look how cute the packaging is!).

The curved wand will give your lashes volume and the mascara won’t flake all over your face or give you those ugly marks around the eyes. Wiggle the applicator back and forth on your lashes to help separate and lengthen them.

Step 5: Lip Gloss

To finish off this look, let’s apply a lip gloss. Zao beige lipgloss is light and shiny and can go with any look.

This gloss is great because it’s not sticky or tacky like most lip gloss products, making it really comfortable on the lips. Another reason I love it is, it can be paired overtop of a lipstick to give a shiny, wet, glossy look to any lipstick color.

That completes our minimalist makeup routine. I hope you found it helpful and stress-free! I’m slowly trying to incorporate more natural and chemical-free products into my makeup bag, so leave me your recommendations below!

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