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What Is Small-Batch Beauty?

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small-batch beauty

It’s a term you may have heard or seen before when shopping for beauty products, but truthfully, you never knew exactly what it meant. Small-batch beauty is quickly catching on. So what is this beauty trend all about?

What Is Small-Batch Beauty?

The scaled-down beauty movement was started by local artisans who wanted to use ingredients from nature and crafted them by hand to make superior skin and body care products, says Kerri Leslie, CEO of NONIKO, a small-batch beauty brand based in Encinitas, California.

When Leslie became a mom, she became super aware of the ingredients she was putting onto her body and shifted industries to natural skincare. Leslie quickly became inspired and left corporate America behind to become an entrepreneur and join the small-batch beauty movement to make safe products that are still effective.

“I think that as a whole, our society is becoming more aware of what we put onto our skin and skeptical of using ingredients that we can’t pronounce,” Leslie says. “The reality is that we can find powerful ingredients in nature. We don’t need to use synthetic ingredients—and shouldn’t.”

Small-batch beauty is fresh, handcrafted and organic. If it were food, think of it as something you’d buy in a farmer’s market rather than a big-box store. It’s typically made by people rather than machines, and comes with expiration dates like milk and eggs, so you know you’re using products that are at their peak.

Small-batch beauty products are not stored for months in warehouses, so they do not require artificial preservatives and can deliver better nutrients to the skin, explains Elina Fedotova, formulator and CEO of Elina Organics, a holistic clinical skin care company based in Chicago.

Free of synthetic preservatives like parabens and benzyl alcohol (which are used to extend the shelf life of beauty goods), small-batch beauty products are blended, shelved and bought within days.

Fedotova, who is also a cosmetic chemist and aesthetician, has been making products in small batches for over 20 years. She understands the value in fresh and clean ingredients for your skin.

“People are choosing to eat fresh, organic foods and it is a no-brainer that they will also seek clean and healthy skincare products,” Fedotova says. “Your lotion should serve as a healthy meal for your skin.”

Who Is Small-Batch Beauty Good For?

The short answer: everyone! Small-batch beauty is an especially good option for pregnant or nursing women, as well as people with compromised immune systems, who need to avoid introducing toxins into their body through the skin, Fedotova says. “Several scientific studies have proven that we absorb a number of chemicals into the blood by using conventional skincare products,” she explains.

But there are a couple of drawbacks. Quality does mean you’ll be spending a little more, as small-batch beauty products do tend to be more expensive than mainstream brands. “Just like the food we eat, it is worth paying more for high-quality ingredients that we are putting on our bodies on a daily basis,” says Leslie.

Luckily, as the small-batch beauty world grows, there will be more companies making worthwhile beauty products for the masses, which can make them a little cheaper to buy.

Existing small-batch beauty brands are also employing more people—not machines—committed to making safer products for our skin and the environment. How great is it that jobs are being created to support new businesses and your beauty routine?

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