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DIY Detox Bath & Immune Boosting Tonic

Filed Under: Aromatherapy,Detoxification and Cleansing,Immunity,Recipes at 8:00 am | By: Jessica Justh
As the summer kicks into high gear, so do the backyard barbecues and parties which can leave us feeling a bit tired. From the abundance of food and drinks to the late nights, our bodies are left vulnerable and exposed to more toxins than ever. Well, it’s time to reboot and rebuild our internal defenses with this detoxifying bath and revitalizing tonic recipe!

Detox Bath

detox bath


The main ingredient in this recipe is Epsom Salt which draws out the toxins. You’ll also notice yourself sweating while in the bath. Don’t be alarmed, this is just the ground ginger working its magic by increasing your heat levels and getting those nasty impurities out. Just remember not to soak longer than twenty minutes and drink water afterwards to aid the flushing out toxins.



2 cups of Epsom salt

½ cup of baking soda

½ cup of apple cider vinegar

½  Tbsp. of ground ginger

6 drops of lavender essential oil

Directions: Combine all of the ingredients into a warm but not hot bath. Sit back and relax.


Turmeric Tonic

turmeric tonic


Turmeric is all the rage in the health community due to its immune boosting, anti-inflammatory and gut healing properties. For thousands of years Turmeric has been valued in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India. You will not be disappointed when you take a sip of sunshine in a glass.



1 tsp. powdered turmeric

1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

½ tsp. cinnamon

½ tsp. raw honey

Dash cayenne pepper

Warm water (not boiling)

Directions: Combine all the ingredients in a mug and add warm (not boiling) water.  For a creamery drink, you can add warm coconut milk!  You will not be disappointed when you take a sip of sunshine in a glass.

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  1. VannieLou Marshall says:

    Very interested in this way of life, new to me but cannot wait to get started. Trying the bath soak today & the tumeric tea tommorrow. Thanks!

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