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How to Get Rid of (and Prevent) Pinworms

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This post was provided by our friends at ParaGuard.

Is it really important to wash your hands if they seem clean? Is hygiene truly so important, or is some of it simply hype?

Tiny organisms, invisible to the naked eye, are present everywhere. Belying their tiny size, those microorganisms can cause big problems. Germs and other organisms that live on our hands can be there even though our hands do not seem dirty. Using soap and warm water provides strong protection against many unwanted microorganisms, including pinworms.

What Are Pinworms?

Pinworms, a kind of parasite, are tiny worms that infect the intestines, often in children. Most children will have pinworms at least once in their lifetime. The worms are very small, less than a half-inch long. They come into the body when a child touches something that has a pinworm egg on it and then puts his hand into his mouth. The eggs go through the digestive tract and develop into worms in the small intestine. When the worm matures, it moves into the large intestine. After several weeks, they move lower down in the intestine where they come out of the body through the anus, usually at night, and lay more eggs. This process takes 4-6 weeks.

The eggs and worms are so small that they can be everywhere. Pinworm eggs and pinworms can be present in the kitchen, in beds, on clothes, towels and even tableware. The eggs can survive like this for two weeks. When an egg gets onto a hand, which then enters the mouth, the entire development process for the worm begins. Having worms is not always an indication of poor hygiene. Once present in the digestive tract, pinworms will affect children who bathe every night equally to children who roll in the mud.

Pinworms spread easily from one child to another. It is therefore common for children to pick it up in school. Although it is very rare, pinworms can be ingested from the air. Many times, a child will infect themselves over and again through lack of hygiene.

Pinworms are thin and white. They can be visible on paper or clothes. The eggs, however, are only visible with a microscope.

Pinworm Symptoms

Not all people with pinworms have symptoms. The chief symptom is itchiness—an itch so bothersome that it may wake up the patient in the middle of the night. When a child wakes up at night and nothing seems to be wrong, it may be an indication of pinworms. Itching the anal area, in which pinworms are present, may cause a secondary infection when the skin around the anus becomes irritated.

Remedies for Pinworms

Because parasites have become such a major issue, Advanced Nutrition by Zahler went on to create a solution: ParaGuard. This formula contains many herbs that fight all sorts of parasites and is especially effective against pinworms. Its active ingredients include oregano oil, peppermint oil, garlic bulb, wormwood herb, pumpkin seed and fennel seed, and others long known to be effective in treating parasites. ParaGuard should be mixed into a drink and taken three times a day at mealtimes.

ParaGuard is also available in the form of a softgel, making it easy to take even for the picky eaters. The softgels contain many potent herbs, such as Green Black Walnut Juglans Nigra Hull, Quassia Amara Wood and Wormwood Artemisia Absinthium Herb. This powerful blend of herbs is a fierce enemy and brave warrior against parasites.

There are other types of parasites that can enter the body that one should be aware of. These parasites may cause unexplained headaches or fatigue. ParaGuard has been a potent healer for people experiencing fatigue and headaches with no apparent reason for these symptoms. It can also be used as a cleanser and detoxifier.

Pinworm Prevention

The best way to prevent worms is through hand washing with warm water and soap after using the bathroom, before eating, and after playing outside. It is important to keep the nails short, avoid biting the nails, and not to scratch oneself. Pinworm eggs can live on clothes, and it is therefore imperative to change clothes every day, and to wash nightclothes and bedding every few days.

To check your child for pinworms, you can try using the flashlight test. Make sure your child is calm and the room is completely dark. Shine a flashlight on the child’s anus. The light will cause pinworms, if present, to move around. If you see any tiny white worms, call your doctor.

To help treat a pinworm infection, eat more fruits and vegetables and increase fiber intake to promote better defecation and more possibility of worm elimination. Garlic may also help fight pinworms. Try eating more garlic, or rub over the area where the itching occurs. Probiotics, which are “good” bacteria that live in the intestines, will retard the proliferation of pinworms in the intestines, and therefore taking probiotics orally can be very helpful as well.

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