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Patch-It Redefines Beauty Sleep

Filed Under: Detoxification and Cleansing at 8:57 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Patch-ItYou want to cleanse your body, ridding it naturally of the toxins that are causing you aches and pains, and general ill-health, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. You have to prioritize, and right now work, family and every other must-do daily activity are making it impossible to think of anything else. You’d detox at night, but that’s when you like to . . . well, sleep. It’s not like you can cleanse and sleep at the same time, can you?

Thanks to Patch-It, you can.

Created by NutriWorks, Patch-It is comprised of Mandarin wood vinegar, mandarin oil, tourmaline and germanium. You apply one patch to each foot before bed, and for the next seven hours, your body’s natural healing is aided by the nutrients at your soles. They stimulate the reflex points on your feet, improving circulation and thus, detoxification throughout your body. Everything that regularly works to evict toxins, such as sweat, is bettered, and by the time, you remove the patches you feel as if your insides had gone through a luxuriously indulgent spa ritual.

Okay, that’s what the box says, with a little backup from the Web site, but what is it really like after you’ve strapped two Patch-Its to your feet?

Initially, it’s a little strange; there are two foreign objects where there normally is nothing. And I swear I felt a tingling (of course, I was half asleep). But once you get past that and . . . fall asleep, it’s no longer about how the Patch-Its feel on, but how you feel when you take them off in the morning. I can’t say I felt hugely different. The contents of the patch had turned a brown color (they’re supposed to), and that in an of itself made me feel cleaner, as if the hue was proof that toxins had been sucked out of my body. And I will say that my feet have a different sense about them. They are, if this is possible, alert, refreshed and renewed – much like your mouth would feel after chewing a piece of Winter Fresh gum. But do I have an overall sense of purity? I don’t know. Perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention beforehand. Perhaps everything I am feeling is all in my head, occurring because I want something detoxifying to have happened. I’m not sure, but I am sure that I have the urge to try them again, to spend one more night patched just to see what the next morning would bring.

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