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7 Keto Wonders

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
7 Keto supplements have been used to promote weight loss for many years. Backed by several studies, the remarkable 7 Keto is considered by many dietitians and nutritionists as a reliable and safe fat burner and, even better, most products do not cost a fortune.

7 Keto is a naturally occurring metabolite of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone, commonly known as DHEA. Studies have shown that regular supplementation of 7 Keto DHEA (average 200mg to 300mg per day) may help to promote weight loss in healthy overweight adults, in conjunction with an exercise training program three times per week.

Most studies suggest that 7 Keto combined with moderate exercise and a reduced calorie diet significantly reduces body weight and body fat compared with exercise and a reduced-calorie diet alone.

The micronutrient 7 Keto can enable the body to build muscle and increase the body’s ability to burn calories. 7 Keto products work by activating thermogenic enzymes, the process the body used to convert stored calories into energy. This process revs up the metabolism and, consequently, burn calories more rapidly and continually throughout the day.

Supplementation of 7 Keto, such as Now 7 Keto products, can even burn calories while resting and has the potential to inhibit the storage of fat within the body. The increased weight loss in the 7 KETO group was associated with a significant increase in levels of T3, a thyroid hormone that plays a major role in determining a person’s metabolic rate.

7Keto is safe to be taken on a regular basis in doses of 200mg per day. Human trials to date have not shown any major side effects, including any androgenic or estrogenic effect of high dose supplementation.

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