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A Man’s Meal

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 7:10 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Contributing Columnist
Man’s MealStereotypically speaking there is a man’s meal and a woman’s meal. The man’s meal involves a huge hunk of meat – preferably a steak – a side of potatoes, beer and some more steak. The woman’s meal is considerably greener, consisting of vegetables, perhaps a dainty sandwich and a minimal amount of meat. Now, I know more than my fair share of female meat lovers and male salad samplers, so I would normally say that these stereotypes are ludicrous. But according to a recent survey, I’d be wrong.

A poll of nearly 15,000 Americans found that there is indeed a difference between what men eat and what women eat.  Men are naturally more carnivorous, gravitating towards veal, poultry, game and red meat. Women are more likely to eat fruits, vegetables, eggs and yogurt. Similarly, men don’t mind if a burger is rare or an egg runny while women are okay with the “risky” vegetables – those that have been linked to illness outbreaks – such as alfalfa sprouts and lettuce. Researchers are hoping to use this information to formulate gender-appropriate nutrition interventions.

What should you do with it? Evaluate yourself.

Are you the typical man, the typical woman or somewhere in between? Do you favor protein in raw, animal form or greens in leafy, fresh goodness? If you lean too far in either direction, you could be lacking some vital nutrients; you could need to change your ways. The best diet is a varied diet. It involves moderate amounts of meat, dairy, fruits, breads and legumes; it is bursting with vegetables; and it is neither male nor female.

Make sure that you get a little bit of everything (even fat) in your daily consumption and you’ll be neither stereotypical nor typical. You’ll be healthy.

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