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Apple vs. Pear

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 10:36 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
a-p.jpgThe apple vs. pear theory has been around for ages.  Doctors can predict potential future health problems by knowing where a person gains weight the most easily.  Yet, many people can’t get past the whole apple/pear idea to determine which category they fall under.  An apple is round all over and a pear is small on top and big the rest of the way down.  You have to keep an open mind and understand what doctors really mean by the apple body type versus the pear body type.  A person with an apple body type typically gains weight in the middle, around the stomach area.  A person who reflects the pear body type gains weight in the hip, thigh and butt area.  The weight gain still resides mostly in the central region of the body, but the higher up the fat, it appears, the more dangerous the related health problems might be.  Yet, whether you’re an apple or a pear, the story’s the same.  Eating a healthy, balanced diet and keeping an active exercise routine can curb the problems before they start.  Visceral fat, more dangerous as it surrounds your internal organs, can be lost rather easily by participating in some vigorous exercise.  So get out there and get moving!

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