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Countdown to Spring

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 10:51 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
CountdownThe winter is almost over. Some people are counting down the days to spring after one of the snowiest winters of all time. Many cities in the east coast had an all-time record amount of snowfall.

Snow storms and wintery weather create many problems on our daily life. People have difficulties getting to work, driving kids to school, and even the simple daily tasks, such as grocery shopping, become more difficult.

It’s no different for your diet and workout program. How can you do your 20-minute run when all sidewalks and parks are covered with snow? How can you get to your gym if your parking lot has not been plowed?

Exercising at home was the only option but some people don’t even have the space for it. March means the end of snow (well, it should, but you never know) and spring is just around the corner.

It’s time to start planning your spring/summer diet. What would be your goal for this year? Lose weight? Gain more muscle? A little bit of both? Perhaps you just want to eat better.

Whatever your goal may be, start planning right now to accomplish results by summer time. Don’t wait until May to start a summer diet. Most diets work better on long-term. Allow yourself at least 3 months for a healthy and efficient weight-loss diet.

You can gradually switch diets and alter your exercise routine. You don’t need to drastically make changes since you have time on your side, but stick to your diet and exercise plan in order to achieve goals and live healthier.

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    You made excellent points, great work!

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