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Drink Soda, Burn Calories

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 4:24 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Celsius burns calories!It’s hard to believe one simple can of soda may help your weight loss program.

In fact, this wasn’t possible until the creation of Celsius, the Earth’s first calorie burning soda.

Celsius sparkling beverages have become one of the top selling items on Lucky Vitamin and the number of searches online has tripled in the past couple of months.

Some people still can’t believe drinking soda may help to burn calories, up to 100 calories per can.

Years of scientific research and studies have led to the development of Celsius, the original calorie burning sparkling beverage.

Celsius is a different type of energy drink created to speed up your metabolism using natural ingredients. This innovative formula simply consists of green tea with ECGC (a well known fat-burner), ginger, caffeine, vitamins B and C, calcium and chromium (an important mineral to regulate blood sugar levels).

If all of that doesn’t sound good enough, Celsius can help to increase energy and maintain focus and alertness. Celsius Holding Inc. specializes in commercializing healthier, nutritional functional foods and beverages. The original calorie burner was developed a dedicated team of experts united by a strong commitment to science.

Celsius is available in many delicious flavors, including cola, wild berry, green tea raspberry, lemon-lime, orange and ginger ale.


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10 Responses to “Drink Soda, Burn Calories”

  1. Heather says:

    it doesnt really taste like soda, taste like eneregy drinks.

  2. Leonidas says:

    I remember when Coke did this, with Enviga. Anyone else remember that? Exact same marketing.

  3. C says:

    Celsius is THE BEST! tastes way better than red bull, monster, etc. and unlike enviga (which came out AFTER celsius), Celsius actually has scientific research to back it up!

  4. Falcon says:

    Celsius is Awesome. Even the Hollywood celebs are loving it…..

  5. Carlos says:

    Celsius is a real calorie burner! Enviga made a bunch of false claims and got in trouble with it. Celsius is the real deal because it has the science behind to back it and none of the stuff that energy drinks and sodas have. Go for it!!!

  6. ecgc green tea says:

    Your topic Green Tea Health Benefits Blog ” To lose weight, turbocharge … was interesting when I found it on Saturday searching for ecgc green tea

  7. Janice Boutwell says:

    Losing weight is just the begining. Changing our lifestyle so we can stay fit is the lifelong challenge.

  8. zakfoster says:

    I think its probably not a bad product, but it has to be complimented with actually physical activity, in order to burn calories you have to be doing somthing physical. even if its somthing little like going for a brisk walk with the dog or going for a jog around the park, it all adds up.

  9. Burn more Calories says:

    Theres so many different diets nowadays, and nobody knows which one to go for, but really by just trying to burn calories in general is what you need to be trying to do. all the little things help like taking the dog for a walk, going for a run though the park, and not having 2nd helpings at dinner all add up!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Vitamins,200mg Caffeine, natural Guarana (more caffeine), green tea extract and a cathartic (ginger) flavor? Seriously. How is this different than something like Red Bull other than it has more caffeine (RB=80mg)than even coffee? Advantage to coffee has no calories unless you add something to it. e.g. Caffeine content in 7oz coffee:
    Drip 115-175 Brewed 80-135 Instant 65-100 Decaf, brewed 3-4 Decaf, instant 2-3. I think in bio-chem class we extracted 40mg of caffeine from the cafeteria coffee and 56mg from a Mountain Dew serving.
    I recommend if you want to lose weight that you do something to move your body and change your overeating habits. Something more than walk back and forth to the refrigerator to get beverages that later will probably cause you heart arryhtmias if you OD on the caffeine in it.

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