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Ephedra is Back!

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 6:17 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Ephedra plantThe battle of weight loss has just recovered one of its most important soldiers: Legal ephedra is now back in the market.

Ephedra has been known for centuries as one of the most powerful fat burners. In fact, studies show that ephedrine and caffeine combined can more than double the rate of weight loss. Ephedrine alkaloids can be found in weigh loss formulas. However, the amount of ephedra will not exceed 25mg, and moderation is key for proper use and results. Remember, epehdra is a very powerful herb and it should be taken with caution.

If you have never taken ephedra and want to “give it a try”, don’t be afraid, here are a few tips for you.

First, start out slowly, if recommended dosage says three tablets a day, take one (or even half), it’s just a trial period. If you don’t have any reactions, then start taking two daily.

Second, Ephedra products are also an effective energy booster and may affect your sleep because of its high levels of caffeine. So, make sure you take it in the morning or early afternoon. Try taking your capsules after meals and drink water, lots of water. Ephedra may react with what you eat for breakfast, dinner or something you drink.

Finally, if you are sensitive to caffeine, consult your health care professional before consuming ephedra. If you feel any type of minor reaction or lose sleep for one single night, don’t give up, try tracking your diet for potential elements that could have caused the reaction (coffee, for example). Minimize or avoid caffeine drinks when taking ephedra.

Most people find Ephedra is efficient and safe to use. Like any other powerful supplement, your awareness is important for successful results. Taking Ephedra responsibly will get you the weight loss results you have been looking for.

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