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Paleo Meal Planning On A Budget

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 10:30 am | By: Madeline Reiss
Raw tenderloin steak with seasoning, garlic, and asparagus

Whole foods, healthy fats and limited carbs and sugars—it’s easy to see the appeal in going Paleo! Shifting your focus to real, unprocessed food is great, but when the time comes to actually restock the fridge it can be difficult to know where to start. What are the best foods to buy? What foods should you not buy? Is there any way to do this on a budget?

We’ve provided a quick breakdown of Paleo-approved foods to help you plan your next grocery trip. Not all the foods on this list are required to go paleo, but many are excellent staples to always have on hand or in the freezer!


The Paleo Rundown:

Say YES to:
– Lean Meats, preferably grass-fed!
– Fish
– Eggs are approved!
– Vegetables are incredibly important
– Work in some fruit, but keep it light.
– Nuts – except peanuts! They’re classified as legumes
– Unrefined, natural oils like olive, coconut & avocado

Say NO to:
– Sugars, candy and artificial sweeteners
– Starchy veggies like potatoes & corn
– Legumes (peas, beans, lentils, soy, etc.)
– Processed foods & meats (such as hot dogs or spam)
– Grains (cereal, bread, oatmeal, etc.)
– Dairy (cheese, butter, milk, etc.)











The Paleo Shopping List:

Pantry Staples:
__ Coconut oil
__ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
__ Coconut Milk
__ Coconut Flour
__ Almond Meal
__ Dried Fruits
__ Variety of Nuts & Seeds
__ Bone Broth
__ Coffee or Tea

__ Broccoli
__ Brussel Sprouts
__ Cabbage
__ Carrots
__ Cauliflower
__ Celery
__ Cucumbers
__ Leafy Greens (Kale, Spinach, etc)
__ Mushrooms
__ Onions
__ Squash
__ Sweet Potatoes
__ Berries
__ Grapefruit
__ Kiwi
__ Lemons
__ Limes

__ Bacon (YAY!)
__ Beef
__ Bison
__ Chicken
__ Duck
__ Lamb
__ Pork
__ Turkey
__ Venison

__ Cod
__ Salmon
__ Shrimp
__ Tilapia
__ Tuna

__ Eggs

Money & Time Saving Hacks

1. Get thoughtful about your grocery list
Walking into a grocery store without a plan can be overwhelming and will make it difficult to successfully stick to the diet. Spend a little extra time planning your week and create a shopping list accordingly. Highlight the essential foods your family eats daily and make sure you’re always stocked. This will also prevent picking up excess items you may not need.

2. Buy in bulk
Try buying the staple foods in bulk—such as the meats and veggies your family likes and eats regularly. Buying in bulk ensures there is always something to thaw out for dinner, and you will often save money in the long run too! Check in with your local farmer, as many sell their meat and produce in large quantities.

3. Meal prep & freeze!
It’s very difficult to grab food on-the-go and stay paleo-friendly. Spend some time on the weekend thinking ahead and cooking up meals for the week. Even if it’s just what you’ll take to work for lunch, it will take the pressure off of breakfast and dinner and save you time. Buying in bulk with a planned and good shopping list will help you at the meal-prepping stage as well!

4. Focus on quality
While buying in bulk is a great way to save money and time on the paleo diet, make sure you’re stocking up on high-quality foods. This means aiming for organic veggies when possible and making sure all meat, fish and eggs are unprocessed and preferably free-range and grass-fed.

While the Paleo Diet is incredibly popular and many people have experienced great health benefits, ALWAYS check with your physician before making any major dietary changes!

The secret to paleo is planning and smart shopping. If you’re a seasoned paleo veteran, what are some of your tips for success? Let’s talk about it in the comments below! 🙂

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