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Health vs. Weight: What Takes Priority in Your Life?

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 10:36 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
balance.jpgEver had some stranger at the supermarket ask you how you stay so skinny?  How about someone asking when you are going to stick to that diet?  Both questions are equally annoying, and both have very little to do with your actual health.  We, as a society, seem to have lost our way by admiring physical appearance rather than overall fitness.  To be truly concerned with your wellbeing is to have nutritious eating habits, a solid exercise routine and a healthy outlook on coping with the stress of daily life.  Food is not the enemy, nor is it a comfort.  It is no wonder, with fast food restaurants on every corner, that our eating habits reflect this empty nutrition.  The Lucky Blog has mentioned diet pills, weight loss and nutrition, but it is also important to remember that food is the means by which we fuel our bodies in order to put our best foot forward each and every day.

What does this mean for us in terms of weight?  It means that you have to evaluate more than the way you look.  You have to consider how you feel, how you function and the choices you make on a daily basis in relation to your food and your lifestyle.  Being thin does not mean healthy.  To feel your best you need to eat a nutritious diet, hitting all of the recommended food groups.  You need to look at portion size to insure that you are receiving the correct amount of calories for your body type.  Building and toning muscle through exercise parallels nutrition.  Get your blood flowing to release those feel good endorphins.  And at the end of the day, take some time for yourself to reflect and meditate.  Stress wears down a body.  The mind needs time to regroup. 

Putting extra weight on your body takes away from your ability to live a long, healthy life.  Crash dieting doesn’t work either, only adding additional stress to deteriorating health.  It’s like rolling a bolder downhill, piling on some concrete and then rolling it up an even steeper hill on the opposite side.  Being too thin is equally as destructive.  Not getting enough nutrients only takes away from your body’s ability to function.  Living a healthy life is about achieving a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit.  We can all dream of having the perfect body, but realistically we have to learn that true satisfaction comes from having the perfect, healthy body for you.  But if you’re looking for some fun, you can always see what you would weigh on another planet.

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