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Large Soda, Large Problem

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss,Health Concerns & Ailments at 1:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Big Gulp

The controversial ban of large size sodas in the city of New York may have not reduced the consumption of soda but it might have started an endless discussion. The new law may have had other reasons behind its original ideas and its efficiency, limiting sale of sugary drinks to 16 ounces, isn’t great as people can always buy two medium sodas. However, if all that discussion didn’t stop you from drinking sugary drinks, a recent study reveals that drinking soda increases the risk of stroke. The report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that soft drink intake is associated with higher risk of ischemic stroke, which occurs when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel which supplies blood to the brain.

Drinking soda has no health benefits and it can chronically elevate insulin. Within 20 minutes of consuming a soda, blood sugar spikes and the body releases a burst of insulin which turns the sugar into fat. In fact, drinking just two bottles of soda every day can add up to an additional pound of unwanted body fat each week. Not only that, but drinking a soda every day increases the risk of developing diabetes by 85%, plus it increases the risk of developing heart disease and other chronic conditions including arthritis due to subsequent insulin resistance. If that’s not enough, studies have shown that sugary drinks promote tooth decay, obesity, and weak bones as well.

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2 Responses to “Large Soda, Large Problem”

  1. Fiona Jesse says:

    Consumption of soda may result gaining more weight as it is more sugary drink which increases the risk of getting diabetes as well as increasing the fat.

  2. Sue V says:

    Good ol’ HFCS
    Keep drinking that poison and you will get fatty liver disease just like an alcoholic. What’s really scary is when children drink that garbage…

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