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Lucky Diet Final Results

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 6:10 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Lucky Diet has come to an end. We have the final results after 90 days of dieting, supplementation and, at least for one participant, exercising.

The goal of the diet was to see how much fat burners and supplementation may help with weight loss.

The results do not surprise anyone. Yes, fat burners help when you remember to take them daily, but exercising is a significant part of the process.

Clark struggled throughout the entire diet. The main problem: taking his supplements, “I have not taken a supplement since the last time we had a diet check” he said.

Despite the poor discipline taking his tablets, Clark was still able to lose 4.5lbs in three months and reduce his body fat in almost 2%.

On the other hand, Ace had much better results. “Well, I came really close to my goal, so overall I’m happy.  I really need to stick with the exercise; I’ve noticed that is the most important factor.  You obviously need to watch what you eat, and supplements can aid the process, but really, exercising was what helped me the most, and on weeks when I didn’t go to the gym as often, those were the weeks when I either gained back weight or didn’t lose much” he said.

Ace lost 9 pounds in three months and the most significant numbers were a 3.5% reduction of fat percentage and a loss of 10 pounds of fat mass.
“Like they say, ‘No Pain, No Gain’ (or loss in my case).  Hopefully I can stick with getting to the gym” he added.

Lucky Vitamin Diet Final Results

  Name Clark Ace
Age 31 23
Height 5’10” 6’0
Weight 203.4 lbs (Dec.15)  208.0 lbs (Sept. 15) 220.4 lbs (Dec.15)  229.1 lbs (Sept. 15)
Body Fat 24.0% (Dec.15)  25.9% (Sept. 15) 25.9% (Dec.15)  29.4% (Sept. 15)
Fat Mass 50.0 lbs (Dec.15)  54.0 lbs(Sept. 15) 57 lbs (Dec.15)  67 lbs (Sept. 15)
Fat Burner Muscletech Products Hydroxycut Clinical Strength Green Tea Muscletech Products Hydroxycut Clinical Strength Green Tea
Additional Supplements Nature’s Way CLA 1300  Nature’s Plus Source of Life Men

  Flora Udo’s oil 3-6-9

Now Tru-Hoodia Complex  Country Life Max for Men

  Renew Life OilSmart

Exercise Program None Cardio (30minutes)    3X/Week

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