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Lucky Vitamin Diet: First Results

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 5:18 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
It’s been two weeks since we started the Lucky Vitamin diet. Clark and Ace, two of our employees, are trying to lose some weight and we are tracking their results step by step: diets, supplements and exercise program.

Our guys have been able to accomplish some positive results.

Off to an impressive start, Ace has lost six pounds going from 229 lbs to 223 lbs in two weeks. His body fat has decreased from 29.4% to 28.3%, a total of four pounds of fat mass.

The secret for such a good start, “I think the most important thing is consistency with taking the right supplements, exercising, and watching what I eat” said Ace.

Clark has also lost some weight but only showing moderate results. His total weight has dropped two pounds, with body fat reducing from 25.9% to 25.3%, a little over one pound of fat mass.

Unlike Ace, Clark isn’t exercising and needs to do a better job taking his supplements. Clark forgot to take his fat burner four days in the first two weeks, something that certainly needs to be improved to obtain better results.

“Diet has been slow to start. It has been difficult to get into the habit of taking all of the supplements regularly. Reducing sugar has been tough as well. The addiction has made me very grumpy and on edge. I guess you could say it is like quitting smoking,” he added.











206.3 lbs (208.0 lbs)

223.1 lbs (229.1 lbs)

Body Fat

25.3% (25.9%)

28.3% (29.4%)

Fat Mass

53 lbs (54 lbs)

63 lbs (67 lbs)

Fat Burner

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Additional Supplements

Nature’s Way CLA 1300
Nat. Plus Source of Life Men
Flora Udo’s oil 3-6-9

Now Tru-Hoodia Complex
Country Life Max for Men
Renew Life OilSmart

Exercise Program


Cardio (30minutes) 

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    I’ve heard some goody things about this blog. The content has really been useful, a great balance of text and pictures.

  2. Mr. Black says:

    clark should get his lazy butt to the gym!

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