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Lucky Vitamin Diet: Round 3

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 5:35 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
The Lucky Vitamin Diet has reached round 3, completing its first month on October 15. Clark and Ace continue to take their supplements and will now move to stage 2 of the 90-day diet/supplement program.

Clark lost two pounds in the last two weeks but body fat reduction was a slim 0.2%. Overall, Clark has lost four pounds since the beginning of the program on September 15.

Keep in mind, he’s not exercising, only “watching” his diet and taking a few supplements: fat burner, appetite suppressant, multi vitamin and fish oil.

Clark forgets taking his supplements two to three times a week, “I definitely need to do a better job taking my supplements,” said Clark. Continue supplementation is essential for better and quicker results, “It’s hurting me,” he added.

Ace is exercising three times a week and results are definitely better. Here’s an interesting note about the past two weeks: Ace gained three pounds despite taking a fat burner and exercising on a regular basis. The numbers, however, are misleading. Ace has lost nearly 2% of body fat and has gained “good” weight, meaning muscle weight.

Overall, Ace has lost three pounds but the most impressive number is a 3% decrease on body fat, for an overall loss of 7 pounds of fat mass.
“I am surprised but happy at the same time.  I would actually rather see the body fat % and fat pounds being lost, than just generic pounds all together.  I think the cardio exercise is probably building my leg muscles up, which are some larger muscles in the first place, so hopefully that muscle growth explains the gain of generic pounds… I hope.”

Results as of October 15, 2008

Name Clark Ace
Age 31 23
Height 5’10” 6’0
Weight 204.1 lbs (206.3 lbs) 226.1 lbs (223.1 lbs)
Body Fat 25.1 % (25.3%) 26.6% (28.3%)
Fat Mass 51.5 lbs (52 lbs) 60 lbs (63 lbs)
Fat Burner Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
Additional Supplements Nature’s Way CLA 1300
Nat. Plus Source of Life Men
Flora Udo’s oil 3-6-9
Now Tru-Hoodia Complex
Country Life Max for Men
Renew Life OilSmart
Exercise Program None Cardio (30minutes) 

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3 Responses to “Lucky Vitamin Diet: Round 3”

  1. Bell says:

    This is a controlled study, i like how they are both different ages, and weights. I like how there is one person not excersizing at all , and then the other one is excersizing regularly. This should be interesting to see how it unfolds 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is very interesting! I agree with Bell. It’s great seeing a study like this based on different ages and different forms, such as one person exercising and one person not exercising at all.

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