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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Ignite Maxx

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 1:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the introduction of one of the hottest diet and weight loss supplements in the market: Ignite Maxx.

Lucky Vitamin is the exclusive online retailer for Ignite Maxx, a breakthrough, all-natural product that helps manage appetite, increases metabolism so you can burn more calories.

Ignite Maxx is clinically proven to help reduce body fat. With over 30 years of research backing it, Ignite Maxx can burn up to 600 calories per day and up to 12 times more calories during exercise and after exercise. Burning up to 278 calories per dose, you can burn over 8000 calories in one month, with no burning, no upset stomach, no irritation, and no side effects.

Ignite Max is the safest way to burn extra calories and lose weight fast. Ignite Maxx breakthrough micro-encapsulation technology gives you the maximum thermogenic, calorie burning benefits, boosting your metabolism to a new and higher level, safely. This unique proprietary blend breaks down completely in the intestine with no undesirable side effects. Ignite Maxx increases metabolism, burns calories and, subsequently, reduces body fat. It may also help reduce high blood pressure and protect against some types of cancer. Contains no ephedrine and won’t give you the jitters.

Capsimax is the key ingredient in Ignite Maxx, a capsicum extract concentrated form of red hot peppers. Other fat burning ingredients work synergistically with Capsimax including green tea extract, fucoxanthin, raspberry ketone (a popular ingredient part of Dr.Oz revolutionarily diet), black pepper extract, panax ginseng, and caffeine.

Ignite Maxx is produced by Core Health Innovations. Launched in 2008, the company is dedicated to bringing safe, effective, quality health care supplements that will have a positive effect on people’s lives. Core Health Innovations is committed to helping customers reach their health goals.

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One Response to “Lucky Vitamin Presents: Ignite Maxx”

  1. Brig Brown says:

    Having a busy lifestyle often leads to an unregulated eating and getting rid of these extra pounds is hard. I started taking Ignite Maxx in July, received my second bottle and after the first week I started to experience severe stomach pain. I immediately stopped taking the pills. Since I am not taking any medication at all, I had no doubt that the side effects were due to ignite Maxx. After my first visit with the doctor, I was advised to discontinue ignite Maxx. I then called the company on 3 occasions. There is no life person who picks up the calls, so I left messages. The third call I made 3 days ago leaving a message that I would let the world know about my experience with this company. Today I finally receive a call back and was told that the company has a NO refund policy for auto shipments. I had never opened the bottle or the package. So the company ask me to return the product, and they will refund 50% of the product. What a ripoff!! I will not become a victim of wrong doing by anyone.
    Be careful with the product and very careful with a company who does not stand behind their product.
    By the way, the month I did take the product has not supported their weight loss statement.
    This is not a letter written out of anger or revenge. I am taking the time to write this so others will learn about the methods of this company, and the effect of their product ignite Maxx.
    Thank you for the opportunity

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