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Lucky Vitamin Presents: The Swedish Diet

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is introducing a revolutionary product to help your weight loss program: The Swedish Diet.

The Swedish Diet weight loss program can help you enjoy a better life through better health, naturally. This unique diet provides a wide range of quality products, facts, tips and interesting information that may lead you to a new improved way of living.

The Swedish Diet gently boosts metabolism, decreases appetite and aids digestion to promote weight loss. It is loaded with nourishing vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and electrolytes that one needs while eating less to lose weight.

A dietary supplement combination program consisting of a liquid supplement and a protein shake, The Swedish Diet was studied to determine its safety and efficacy on weight and fat loss, cholesterol and triglycerides levels in thirty five overweight adults between ages 14-60. The results concluded that The Swedish Diet is safe and effective.

One important finding by the researchers was that the participants lost an average of 3% body fat after one week on the program. In addition, the results from The Swedish Diet system have shown additional benefits. Cholesterol and blood fat (triglycerides) levels dropped, showing that The Swedish Diet not only promotes weight loss but also is good for general health.

The Swedish Diet is one of the easiest diets available. You simply drink one capful of the liquid concentrate mixed with 8oz of water, twice daily, one in the morning in place of breakfast, and another in the afternoon. You can enjoy a sensible lunch and dinner along with three small snacks daily. A daily 20 minute walk or exercise is recommended for optimal results.

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