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Magic Cookie? No, Thanks

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 10:49 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Weight lossTelevision commercials are getting worse and worse.

People creating these “buy now” commercials rely on people’s lack of information about some subjects.

Now, they have come up with the “cookie diet”.  Yes, believe it or not, it claims that if you eat cookies, you lose weight.

They can’t be serious. They must think we are all desperate to lose weight without giving up cookies or sweets.

That’s why we should read, learn and double-check every single detail before buying anything “new” we’ve seen on TV.

A well balanced diet is extremely important for your health. Some people are not able to eat properly for reasons. Busy working schedule, family and kids, hectic lifestyle are just a few of the problems we face on a daily basis, preventing us from eating the way we should.

Nevertheless, starting a weight loss diet is something that should be taken seriously. Overeating and cravings are two of the main problems for people trying to lose weight or struggling not to gain extra pounds.

Perhaps you are not eating enough meals a day. Forget about breakfast, lunch and dinner. You need to eat in between meals to prevent overeating. A fruit salad or a shake is plenty to fill you up until the next meal.

Five or six small meals a day will be nice. Can’t stay away from sweets? Look for some low sugar products such as cookies or bars. It’s not ideal, but better than not trying anything different at all.

We can lose weight and look better in many different ways. Just don’t tell us that eating cookies will make you look perfect because we are not “buying” that.

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3 Responses to “Magic Cookie? No, Thanks”

  1. rachelkn says:

    seen the commercial, what a joke!

  2. Kakan says:

    no cookies are good except the real cookie 😉

  3. Kakan says:

    you write very well by the way. It’s interesting to read!

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