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One Million in One Year

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 9:11 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Oklahoma CityLast week saw a wave of resolutions. Millions of Americans promised to lose weight, eat better and exercise more. They vowed to end 2008 a few pounds lighter and a great deal healthier than they had begun. Most took on this endeavor alone. Despite the fact that their spouse, neighbor, coworker and friend, had made a similar resolution, they entered the gym, cut out excessive fat and stepped onto the scale solo. Most, that is, except for the residents of Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City is a metropolis where much of the food is double-fried, so it’s no surprise that many of the people are double-wide.   The city was ranked 15th in 2007’s list of America’s fattest cities, and has already moved into the top ten for 2008. Public transportation is limited, but traffic is not. The residents are attached to their cars, driving everywhere and walking nowhere. Obesity is thriving, more so than the economy, a fact which has the mayor troubled – troubled enough to challenge his city.

Mayor Mick Cornett has put Oklahoma City on a diet.  He wants his residents to collectively lose one million pounds in one year and has created a Web site where individuals, corporations and community groups can sign up. Online, they can track their progress, individually and as a city, find recipes and get the support needed to achieve such a monumental goal. Outside of cyberspace, plans for more pathways are being created and implemented, in an attempt to get the citizens not only eating better but exercising more. More than four thousand people have joined. Hundreds of pounds have already been lost, and Oklahoma City has started the New Year on the right foot.

How’s it going for you?

If you’re already struggling with your weight loss plan, learn from the residents of Oklahoma City. Find a support system. There are people all around you ready to eat healthily and exercise more WITH you. Or they are ready to support you in your efforts. Relying on them will help you attain your goal, whether it’s as large as Oklahoma City’s or not.

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