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Slim Down With These Superfoods

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss,Nutrition at 2:21 pm | By: Jessica Justh
slimsuperfoodsThe holidays are coming to an end which means it’s time to start your 2016 goals. For many of us that means thinking about how to shed those pounds we packed on late in the year. Losing weight the healthy way should be based on a combination of exercise and clean eating. As any nutritionist would tell you, adding superfoods to your diet is not only great for your overall health but can help you slim down, too. They are nutritional powerhouses loaded with vitamins, minerals and other good-for-you molecular compounds to help you on your weight loss journey.

Avocado – Healthy fats are all the rage, and with good reason, since the mono unsaturated fatty goodness (MUFAs) keeps you feeling full longer. This special fruit has a proven ability to prevent hunger pains and reduce belly fat. Swap out your EVOO for some avocado oil to decrease abdominal fat.

Almonds – Rich in flavonoids that protect against free radical damage, unsalted, raw almonds are a great stimulant for weight loss when eaten in moderation.   Almonds are also a good source of vitamins B and E, so-called “good” fats and fiber which have the dual benefits of staving off sugar cravings and helping you feel satiated.

Garbanzo BeansGarbanzo Beans, also known as chickpeas, may be tiny, but they pack a big protein punch. This delicious, edible legume contains more than two grams of resistant starch per half-cup serving, as well as fiber.

Oats – A carb that can help you lose weight? Yes! A study in Nutrition Journal found those who ate oats every morning for six weeks had a greater decrease in waist size compared to those who ate the same amount of carbs in pasta for the same duration. So you can have your carbs and eat them too!

Green Tea –Research has shown that the plant compound EGCG found in green tea boosts your metabolism by increasing thermogenesis by 84 percent. Here’s why: green tea contains molecular compounds called catechins which triggers the release of fat from cells, blasts adipose tissue and speeds up the liver’s ability to convert fat into energy. Now get drinking!


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