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The Burger King Obsession

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss at 1:07 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
WhopperRecently, Burger King unveiled its latest promotional campaign: The Whopper Freakout.  For two days, hidden cameras filmed customers’ reactions as they were denied, in various ways, their longed for Whopper. On the first day, patrons were told that the sandwich no longer existed. It had been permanently discontinued. Customers responded with anger, shock and nostalgia (many regaled the cashiers with tales of childhood treks through the drive thru). On the second day, Whopper orders were filled with either McDonald’s or Wendy’s burgers. Irate “I hate McDonald’s/Wendy’s” followed. The customers wanted the Whopper, the signature sandwich, and nothing else would do. According to Burger King, the test proved that the Whopper is America’s favorite burger and can never be replaced. But I think we should take something else from this 48-hour trial: diet advice.

The Whopper-less patrons couldn’t handle the unexpected removal of their burger. The abrupt change left them stunned and emotional. When they were offered something else, they were dissatisfied, longing for the food they had initially craved. They, had the joke not been revealed, likely would have spent the entire day thinking about the deprivation, obsessing about Burger King until they were once again at the fast-food counter overindulging. The same would hold true for any sudden restriction. If you were to go on a diet and cut out everything you loved in one fell swoop, you would spend your meals munching on cardboard and dwelling on the past. Eventually, the memories would overwhelm your self-control and you’d be in the grocery store loading up on “the enemy”.

If you’re going on a diet, don’t go the denial route. Opt, instead, for moderation. Nothing is the enemy so long as it remains within the realms of rationality. A reasonably sized cookie to satisfy the occasional craving is much better than a bag of Oreos after weeks of repressed urges. If you want it, have it. Just don’t overdo it.

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