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Hit The Books, The Green Way

Filed Under: Environment at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Summer is almost over and it’s time to go back to school. Lucky Vitamin is your source of eco-friendly supplies for the upcoming school year.

Hit the books the green way and take advantage of our incredible selection of recycled, environmentally friendly school supplies. From notebooks to index cards, from recycled correction tape to biodegradable pens, Lucky has everything to make a green return to school.

Lucky Vitamin fully supports environmentally friendly companies, hoping our customers can help this great cause as well. Parents should keep in mind that paper has a significant impact on our environment. The average person in the U.S. consumes about 700 lbs. of paper per year, making the U.S. the largest consumer of paper in the world.

An average of 90% of the printing and writing paper comes from virgin tree fiber and, once used, paper generally ends up in the municipal waste, counting for more than 40% of the total waste in landfills.

Furthermore, producing recycled paper causes 74% less air pollution, 35% less water pollution, and creates five times the number of jobs than producing paper from trees. It saves old-growth trees, forest eco-systems, native habitat and biodiversity.

Additionally, Lucky is offering biodegradable pens, made from corn-based material. The majority of its components are intended to be disposed of in your own backyard. Biodegradable pens are a very cool idea to promote a “green” return to school and protect our planet Earth.

Reusable products can be used time and time again. Lunch bottles and food containers are one of the best ways to protect our planet Earth and save some money. Lucky Vitamin is proud to offer a complete line of “green” products with more than 150 choices from water bottles to lunch containers. If a significant number of students could switch to “green” reusable products, the amount of waste nationwide will drastically reduce and the planet will be greener.

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