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Lucky Vitamin Presents: BlueAvocado

Filed Under: Environment at 1:55 pm | By: Kim McCorkell, Senior Editor
BlueAvocado Lunch ClutchLucky Vitamin is proud to present another top quality brand of personal care products to our customers: BlueAvocado.

BlueAvocado is the love child of style and sustainability, born and bred by 3 women in Austin, Texas. They first set out to change just one thing – the way you shop. So a company was built run by women for the good of everybody. Then a mixable family of lifestyle products was designed, light on environmental waste and heavy on sass, style and inspiration. Featuring certified recycled REPREVE fibers, all BlueAvocado products are durable, lead-free, washable and include a carbon label to track environmental impact.

BlueAvocado makes it easy for anyone to reduce environmental waste and inspire change for good. In 2011, BlueAvocado products have eliminated more than 46 million disposables from the waste stream, upcyled up to 805 thousand plastic bottles through our fabric, inspired over 150 micro-entrepreneurs around the globe through donating 1% of sales to organizations such as and Whole Planet Foundation, and inspired thousands of Americans to join the green journey.

In 2012, BlueAvocado partnered with Lauren Conrad, reality-star-turned-designer, to create the stylish XO(ECO) collection, “a collection of sustainable lifestyle products for travel, beauty and shopping.”

BlueAvocado’s dream is to build a brand that creates products that inspire through design, invite change through purpose, and deliver results through use.

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