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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Wear Panda

Filed Under: Environment at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak

Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the introduction of a revolutionary brand to our customers: Wear Panda sunglasses.

Wear Panda offers the first line of sunglasses completely environmentally friendly. Panda produces high-end sunglasses handcrafted from sustainable bamboo and recycled polycarbonates.

Additionally, each purchase gives the gift of vision to someone in need. For every pair you purchase, Panda will provide an eye exam and a pair or prescription glasses to someone in need. Through a partnership with The TOMA Foundation, Panda has found a unique opportunity to help grow organically alongside a non-profit organization.

Originated in the Paper Mill tucked away in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Panda is on a journey to change the environmental and social impact of sunglasses.

Sunglasses have traditionally been made from harmful plastics and metals through environmentally damaging manufacturing processes. Panda was created with the belief that there is no reason stylish sunglasses should not come in an environmentally friendly form. Based on countless feedback from local community and peers, Panda has launched the first designs available in three different stains: natural, brown, and black.  All Panda sunglasses are individually handcrafted to ensure superior quality and the attention to detail creates a final product that is not only stylish but also guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

Bamboo is a green alternative to environmentally hazardous plastics and metal sunglasses.  Its environmental benefits arise out of its ability to grow in a sustainable manner without the need for fertilizers, pesticides, or much water.  It is more moisture resistant and more stable than traditional woods such as Oak.  Bamboo is quickly becoming one of the most important plants in the world.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Panda eco-friendly handmade bamboo sunglasses, available in many models and colors, at our discounted prices.

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