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No More Waste, Use A Water Bottle

Filed Under: Environment at 6:01 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Save the planetProtecting the environment is one of the hottest topics these days. Everyone should help our planet and there are many different ways of doing it.

Recycling is very important to minimize the waste going to landfills but it’s not the only factor. Minimizing the volume of trash, recyclable and non-recyclable, is essential to protect our environment.

One of the easiest ways to minimize the volume of waste is to use a water bottle, saving hundreds of plastic bottles of water. The same rule applies for coffee cups. You can save hundreds of coffee cups (depending on how much coffee you drink) by using a coffee mug.

You can reduce or completely end the waste of empty bottles of water by buying a reusable water bottle. Approximately 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles, while transporting these bottles burns even more oil.

Drinking water is essential for a healthy diet but buying bottled water is definitely not the best option to protect the environment. You can buy a top-quality water bottle for less than $5 and will not waste a single disposable plastic bottle.

If you don’t have filtered water at home, an entire water purification system won’t cost you more than $100, a great investment for you and your family.

Lucky Vitamin offers plenty of models of water bottles to hydrate the healthy way. You can use it for juices, shakes or your favorite beverage. Plenty of models are available, including BPA free to prevent plastic toxins, to keep our planet clean.

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