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Proof Positive?

Filed Under: Environment at 2:05 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Global Warming PredictionLeave it to the British to find the bright side of global warming. The rise in temperature, UK researchers claim, will result in fewer cold-weather deaths, a tragedy that claims nearly 20,000 annually. Proof of this is found in the data, which shows a decrease of 3 percent since 1971. As the Earth continues to warm, winter deaths will continue to fall, so in that sense, global warming IS a good thing . . . but unfortunately, only in that sense.

Between now and 2017, south-east England will quite likely experience an out-of-season heat wave that will claim 3,000 lives immediately. When summer hits, 3,000 more will die. Moreover, as the air’s ozone levels continue to rise, breathing and lung problems will escalate. Skin cancer will become a more prevalent concern (as if it weren’t enough of one already) and bacteria in our food and water, courtesy of the warm, wet weather, will abound. The lives that are saved by the mild winters will be counterbalanced by those that are claimed by heat, cancer and infection.

We can’t stop working to turn the Earth’s health around. We have to continue recycling, reducing and reusing. We have to find new ways every day to minimize our carbon footprint. There are opportunities everywhere. Take, for example, the Clif Bar you’re currently munching. TerraCycle is now offering 2 cents for every Clif Bar wrapper you collect (you have to sign up first), so that they can turn them into funky eco-cessories, reducing the amount of wrappers that end up in landfills each year. And they aren’t stopping at Clif Bars; Nature Valley and PowerBar wrappers are accepted as well. If you don’t eat energy bars but gobble up tubs of yogurt and gallons of juice, TerraCycle is collecting yogurt containers and drink pouches. Sounds good, and easy, to me.

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3 Responses to “Proof Positive?”

  1. Peggy says:

    There is more to global warming than the fact that green-house gasses are trapping solar heat in the earth’s atmosphere, which is bad enough because of rising temperaturs melting the ice caps and eventually increasing water levels everywhere. Polar ice is fresh water. No one knows what long-term effect this influx of fresh water into the oceans will be, from killing fish to disrupting the balance of the different densities of water. Fresh water is less dense than salt water and can float on top of oceans in great lakes. The oceanic conveyor belts of warming and cooling streams could be disrupted resulting in another ice age. In addition, diseases like malaria and dengue fever are increasing and steadily moving north, even now. It’s so frustrating to hear people say things like “Boy, we had a cold winter – doesn’t feel like global warming to me”. Look at the tracking data. Look at the pictures from space. Look at 20, 30, and 40 year trends. Greed and stupidity are rampant.

  2. Mr. Sustainable says:

    Being an American, I have oodles of experience with government “findings” which are both illogical and counterproductive. So, let me just say that the notion that global warming is good because fewer people will freeze to death is a dangerous crock. When areas with harsh winters suddenly find themselves with an annual cyclone/hurricane season which is 3 months longer and 5 times harsher, they will lose just as many people, if not more, to the elements. Besides, the mass melting of the world’s polar ice caps will cause such secondary effects as radical shifts in oceanic salinity, damaging or destroying vital atmospheric currents such as the Gulf Stream.

    Rent “The Day After Tomorrow”, people! It is over dramatized for effect but not too far off! Those British scientists had better stock up on heating oil because the daily high temperature on Christmas Eve 2020 could be -70°C!

  3. Marie Barkman says:

    Thanks for this great articles,

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