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Thank You For Not Printing

Filed Under: Environment at 4:12 pm | By: Jacob Grail, Contributing Editor
Dont PrintHold your breath; the surgeon general may have another box to label. This time the culprit is that handy laser printer you keep on your desk.  An investigation conducted on a variety of laser printer models showed that almost a third emit potentially dangerous levels of toner into the air.

Research at The Queensland University of Technology tested more then 60 machines and found that one-third emit ultra-tiny particles of toner-like material, so small that they can infiltrate the lungs and cause a range of health problems from respiratory irritation to more chronic illnesses. Fantastic!

Even worse news if you work in an office, tests conducted in an open-plan office showed that the health risks increase five-fold during working hours with heavy printing use. The problem appears to be even worse with new cartridges and heavy graphic printing. So what can we do?

The experts recommend printers are kept in well ventilated areas and it probably wouldnt hurt to utilize some sort of air filtration system to further purify the air. Ink jet printers appear to be safe, #2 pencil and paper might not be such a bad idea either…

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  1. Maryellen Papale says:

    I always wonder about stuff like this in the gym.. I have great form and I always pay extreme attention to all the exercises to make sure that (to the best of my knowledge) i am doing them to get the best results.. im always afraid though that if i drop my weight a bit that i wont be able to eventually get my weight high and or get bigger (since my body wont think the weight is to much and not seeing a need to grow??)

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