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The Future Looks . . .

Filed Under: Environment at 4:36 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
The EarthThere is no doubt that our actions are causing climate change.  There are, however, questions regarding the change’s severity. How much will the temperatures alter? What exactly will happen to the Earth as a result? Should we be as worried as we are? There are no clear-cut answers, particularly to the first two. But the events of the past several months have proven that we do, at least, have a cause for concern.

As the temperatures rise, natural disasters – hurricanes, heat waves, fires, droughts and floods – will become more common and more severe.  The fires that ravaged San Diego County  and the dry spell that had Atlanta scrambling for alternative water sources will be joined by an ever-growing list of crises. Heat-related diseases will become more prevalent as the bugs and amoebas that carry them thrive in the warmer climate. And the air will continue to accumulate more pollution as ozone formulation accelerates. In short, we’ll be assaulted by a growing list of health concerns, ones that we may or may not be prepared to fight.

The lesser developed countries will, of course, be the most affected by these changes. They have the least amount of health resources available to them and as such, are less able to cope with growing concerns. However, your position in the developed world should not remove global warming from your consciousness. Climate change will still affect you, if only in the sense that your food and water will be of poorer quality and your air more difficult to breathe. Besides, the lesser developed countries are not the ones with the most carbon emissions. That would be us. I would hope that you would, then, feel some type of moral responsibility, some type of motivation to act. It’s likely too late to stop global warming, but it’s not too late to slow it. Give the world a little more time to prepare for the onslaught of health problems that will accompany the rising temperatures.

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    But the body is deeper than the soul and its secrets inscrutable.

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