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Travel Accessories for the Road Ahead

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Memorial Day is quickly approaching and so is the travel season. Late spring and early summer may be considered by many people as the best time of the year for camping. Not cold anymore, not too hot either. As you start planning this year’s trek, don’t forget your thermos, water bottles, and your travel mug for the road ahead.

Lucky Vitamin offers an extensive variety of water bottles from the best brands available at discounted prices. Water bottles are perfect for road trips, as you need to stay hydrated whether you’re driving, biking or hiking. Don’t forget about warm beverages. Many people love to have coffee while driving and a personal coffee mug is the best way to enjoy your hot beverage. Thermos are also indispensable for camping or other outdoor activities when you need to keep water and other beverages hot. Today’s products have the ability to keep the beverage’s desired temperature for hours, without leaks or spills.

Food-grade stainless steel is the best material for thermos and bottles. This metal is superior in both strength and safety and contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, including BPA. Additionally, reusable and recyclable stainless steel bottles are the best choice for the environment as well. So, get your bottles and mugs ready, and head out for a fun and safe trip!

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