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But Will I Be Able to . . . ?

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A KissWhat’s a man’s worst fear? Impotence. Okay, it may not be his worst fear but it is one of the top ten, which is why any procedure that could affect sexual performance is agonized over not just by the men but by doctors as well. If there’s a risk of impotency, confidence falters, and procedures are delayed, furthering health risks. So it is always with much relief that practices with the potential to save lives, such as adult circumcision, are deemed 100% sex-safe. But for many procedures the findings are not always so cut and dry. Your imminent prostate surgery being one of them, as research has been nothing but contradictory.

Depending on where you look, you will unearth both negative and positive outcomes. On the one hand, 97 percent of men achieve an erection adequate for intercourse, post-recovery; on the other, only 47 percent return to their normal sex lives. Which do you believe?

Sadly, the latter is the more truthful of the two studies. An adequate erection in the eyes of a doctor is not necessarily the same as an adequate erection in the eyes of a man. Coming out of prostate surgery, you will more than likely not experience the same sexual prowess as you did prior, but you can combat this by accepting your fate and treating it.

Erectile dysfunction drugs were created for a reason. They may not eliminate all occasions of impotency, but they will lessen the frequency. Talk with your doctor before the surgery and after about which ones are best for you. Do not believe that you know more than he and grab one willy-nilly from the nearest outlet without consultation. That could lead to more problems and a never-ending occurrence of potential impotence.

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