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Full Body Park Bench Workout

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 2:51 pm | By: Rachel Agranove

Busy weekend? Too much time to be spent at little league games and no time to hit the gym? Take advantage of the beautiful weather and take your workout outside. Here’s a great full body park bench workout that can be done anywhere with a park bench.

This workout uses body-weight exercises, which can be just as effective as weighted exercises for gaining muscle and losing fat. Without the external load, you can focus totally on your form and your breathing. This workout will also incorporate a lot of unilateral (single-sided) exercises to work on balance, which is so important in everyday life!

This workout consists of three different circuits. You will complete each circuit two to three times before moving on to the next one. Try to keep rest minimal during each circuit and rest one to two minutes in between each circuit.

This park bench workout is all about going slow and controlled on the strength-based exercises in circuits one and two, and then finding some intensity and power during the last circuit of cardio-based exercises.

Park Bench Workout

Go through each circuit two to three times before moving on to the next.


  1. Step-ups (16 reps): Start standing in front of the bench. Step your right foot onto the bench and drive through your heel to stand all the way up. Make sure your entire foot is on the bench. Slowly lower down and repeat on the left side.
  2. Tricep dips (12 reps): Start seated on the edge of the bench with your hands just outside of your hips. Lower your hips off the edge of the bench, keeping your hips close to the edge. Bend 90 degrees at your elbows to lower down. Press through your palms and squeeze the back of your arms to come back up. Keep your shoulders down and back away from your ears.
  3. Elevated plank with knee tucks (16 reps): Start in a high plank position with your hands on the bench and feet together. Stack your shoulders right over your wrists and squeeze your inner thighs together. Round your spine and bend your right knee in toward your nose. Alternate sides until you finish your reps. Go real slow with these to feel the burn in your core and obliques!


  1. One-leg squat to bench (16 reps, 8 each side): Start standing on one leg in front of a bench. Squat down on one leg until you hit the bench and stand back up. This one is great for balance! If you fall, you’ll just fall right into a seated position, so don’t be afraid to try it if you’re a little uneasy about moving on one leg.
  2. Elevated push-ups (8-12 reps): Start in a plank position, shoulders right over your wrists. Lower your chest to the bench while keeping your core engaged. Think of the push-up as a moving plank! Your spine should stay neutral the whole time. Elevated push-ups are an awesome way to build up strength to do push-ups from the ground.
  3. Elevated shoulder taps (20 reps, 10 each side): Start in plank position with feet about hip width apart. Tap your right hand to left shoulder and repeat on the other side. The goal here is to keep your hips square to the ground! This is an anti-rotation exercise because you’re fighting the rotation of your body when you lift your hands, so it’s wonderful for building core strength and stability when we need to fight rotation and stay stable in our core in real life (think carrying a heavy load of laundry down stairs!)


  1. Bench squat jump (30 seconds): Start seated on the bench with arms straight in front of you. Drive through your heels and jump up. Land softly back to a seated position. This is great for getting your heart rate up and building power! It also teaches you how to accelerate and decelerate properly as you will start and stop in a seated position.
  2. Lateral shuffle (30 seconds): Use the bench as your width. Start in an athletic stance with soft knees. Shuffle to one side of the bench and back quickly. This drill will help improve your coordination and agility…again, two things that will make everyday life much easier!
  3. Mountain climbers (30 seconds): Start in a plank position on the bench. One at a time, drive your knees into your chest at a quick pace. Keep your spine neutral and your shoulders right over your wrists.

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