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Guess What’s on Her Mind

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness at 12:00 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Woman TypingGentlemen, I have good news. The average woman thinks about sex a lot more than she lets on. In fact, it happens about 34 times a day, averaging out to once every 14 minutes.  While that’s not exactly equivalent to your own frequency, which probably averages out to once every 14 seconds (or more), it is quite often, very likely eclipsing the number of times she thinks about food, exercise or . . . um . . . work? But before you get too excited, you should know the reason why she’s thinking about it so often: dissatisfaction.

That hurt, didn’t it?

Unfortunately, it’s true. Most women aren’t sitting at their desks with a satisfied smirk playing on their faces. They’re sitting there thinking, “I wish I had more sex,” “I wish I had more fun sex,” and “I wish I could make a few of my fantasies realties.” Now, hopefully, you are a man who wants to rise to the challenge, who wants to make those 34 thoughts 34 pleasurable memories rather than discontented fantasies. And you can, quite easily. It’s simply going to involve a little preparation and a little effort.

To start with, talk to her. Find out what those fantasies are, because if you don’t know, you can never act them out. And besides, you might very well be surprised. A bold desire can quickly be silenced by shyness, leading you to incorrectly believe that she’s never once thought the same things you have. Once you know, pave the way for the evening.  Do the things that will get her in the mood. Make her dinner before she gets home from the office, rent the DVD she’s been dying to see, dress up, don’t dress or just send her a text message. Set the stage. Once you get around to actually having sex, think back to those first few months – the heated passion, the spontaneity, the fun – bringing it all back to your bedroom.  And when she’s at work Monday morning, she’ll be thinking about sex as often as you are, but it won’t be because she’s dissatisfied.

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